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Welcome to OrderTC, here you can learn more about the Treadclimber machines from Bowflex. Eager to learn more about pricing and models available? Click here to review the OrderTC price.

Wondering what makes the OrderTC different from regular treadmills? The 3-in-1 technology the Bowflex Treadclimber comes with helps you burn more calories in less time. This means you can work out less, but still achieve incredible results! Home gyms make it easy to lose weight and are a more cost effective solution that overpriced gym memberships. Rather than working out around total strangers you can purchase a Treadclimber from Bowflex here on OrderTC. We have special offers currently available on all OrderTC models, so head on over to our pricing page to learn more.


Ready to purchase your Treadclimber directly from Bowflex? Click here to visit OrderTC.com to buy now!

Working out can be a challenge, even to the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts, but with a Treadclimber from Bowflex working out can be fun! Imagine being able to shed weight from the comfort of your own home, without running! All you have to do is walk on the Treadclimber to achieve amazing weight loss results.

The secret is the 3-in-1 technology that helps burn more calories in less time. Instead of high impact running like on a standard treadmill the Treadclimber combines walking, stepping, and climbing into one simple workout. This means less time exhausting yourself, and more time losing weight and loving your body!

OrderTC Price

The OrderTC price depending upon which model you select. Head on over to our pricing page to learn more about what models are available, and what each model costs.

Why Home Gyms?

Wondering if you should purchase a home fitness product like the Treadclimber from OrderTC.com and not just join a gym?  Consider this scenario…

You want to workout, but you only have 60 minutes before you have to head to work, pick-up the kids from school, run to the grocery store, etc. 60 minutes is not enough time to get dressed, drive to the nearest gym, warm up, workout, shower, and get back home. Instead take 60 minutes and jump on your own personal Treadclimber, from the comfort of your own home, workout, shower, and head out for the rest of your day. The choice is easy when you consider how much time you can save and still lose weight!

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